Will a Robot take your job?

As technology improves and advances, it often poses the question, Could a robot do your job?

According to the BBC’s new ‘Find my automation risk’ tool, it is calculated that by 2020, it’s 73% likely that pest controllers’ jobs will be automated – in the top third of careers which might be for the chop. Research from Oxford University shows that there is likelihood that in the next two decades that 35% of current jobs will be automated, with those involving repetitive tasks, squeezing into small spaces or those with little negotiation or creativity, faring worst.

As more advanced industrial robots gain improved senses and the ability to make more coordinated finger and hand movements to manipulate and assemble objects, they will be able to perform a wider range of increasingly complex manual tasks.

However, as discussed in PPC81’s feature, Back to the Future, it was rightly pointed out that providing effective pest control will always lie with the skill of the pest controller and their ability to use technology that’s available to them.

Do you think pest controllers will or can be replaced?

Let us know your thoughts.

To use the tool go to: www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-34066941


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